You can Sit with Me

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit 66e Outfit 66d Outfit 66c Outfit 66a

Or maybe not, I do have the attention span of a gnat. This is an outfit I wore while in Copenhagen for fashion week – the day after my work with By Malene Birger, a social media takeover. I was shooting behind the scenes all day and editing and uploading on the go. Was a great challenge and I was so pleased with the result. I’ll share with you some of the pics tomorrow.

Meanwhile I’ve been pretty absent on my blog these past couple weeks. I admit I’m having a moment, not feeling inspired. Also have a few personal things including a fabulous wedding in the Swedish countryside – where I opted to put away my phone and computer and enjoy the company I was in. Was pretty unusual to attend a wedding where I didn’t understand 95% of what was being said, I had to stay in tune with the emotions of people around me to follow the proceedings. It’s quite amazing how much more Swedish I can remember and say after a few drinks though… A friend once told me that she learnt alot of Spanish while going out and partying in Barcelona, because she wasn’t shy to attempt speaking and follow along when she had a few. Funny huh? Don’t think it will be a healthy choice to just get drunk in an attempt to learn another language though… Best to stick with standard sober(ish) study.

Anyway, this outfit is very casual and comfortable – the dress is actually a kimono style wrap – I really should have used a safety pin to hold it together though, I flashed my bra on the street a little more often than I care to admit due to it sliding steadily open. At least it helped me stay on my toes! Thanks to my girl Rebecca for snapping these pics for me – it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other! Was so perfect to catch up in Copenhagen, it’s really a brilliant city to visit.

pics, Rebecca – editing, me

wrap dress, Ganni

sunglasses, Spektre

jacket, Vintage (Beyond Retro)

bag, By Malene Birger

shoes, Birkenstock