By Charlotte

Written by: Zanita Whittington

This earring is a story of patience. It’s designed for a cartilage piercing – perfect for me – but I have been waiting to complete the healing process, usually between 6-12 months. I had bigger plans for my piercings… an idea about threading a single hoop through two cartilage piercings demanded a long wait between healing. Once I felt I was ready for my new style I walked into a body piercing shop in Copenhagen, only to have a dude brutalise my ear trying to fit a ring between the two holes. It was too small and the attempt was bloody. I guess its fate because now I can finally fit my gorgeous By Charlotte where it fits best.  Huzzah!

I’m sorry for any typos and disjointed sentencing tonight. I’m so tired, as I type this my eyes are burning. I want to speak more of my experiences to today – which was pretty much shooting for Fashion Bloggers tv and then meetings and then more shooting for the show.  I’m drained because I’m filled with manic nervous energy every time I wake – which is around 4/5am everyday. I run a million miles an hour and then I crash when I least expect it. I wish so much I could share more about the show but I not allowed to give anything away! I can tell you everyone on the team is very excited about our prospects, hopefully what we share with you will be interesting too.

I have tomorrow to catch up on some much needed worked so hopefully I can score some more posting in. Getting posting done alongside filming is proving pretty challenging. I gotta be equal to the task! Thanks for your patience with me x