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You Know Ms Lyckman

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’m feeling pretty guilty as a post these images – I’ve held them on ice for who knows how long, after two failing editing attempts (i just wasn’t happy with the colour treatment I applied) I’m finally getting them up on my blog. How could I have procrastinated featuring such a beauty as Fanny!

For those of you unfamiliar with Fanny Lyckman, she’s one of Sweden’s most prominent bloggers – which is saying more than you’d assume because this country pretty much created fashion blogging and has been the place where the phenomenon has grown faster and bigger than any other country. Every girl seems to have a blog – and the swedish reader is a dedicated reader. So if you’re a popular blogger in Sweden then you’ve made it – and its not hard to see why Fanny is right at the cream of the crop…. that face!! (insert heart eyes emoticon).

Please check out Fanny’s blog to know what I’m on about – she’s a part of the I’m Next network, which is a collective of the coolest kids you could ever meet… So cool in fact that reading their blogs makes me feel like I’m about as trendy as my Aunt Mildred. Damn Swedes.

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