One Dress, Three Girls: Katerina

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Katerina-1 Katerina-3 Katerina-4

I’m back from an escape away, sunning myself by a lake in the north of Sweden – and slowly creeping myself back into work mode. Stockholm is so sleepy during July – it seems the population has halved – and even many restaurants and cafes have closed their doors for a couple weeks so their employees can escape to their respective holiday hotspots. Feels a little bit creepy and then also a little bit wonderful to have the city to ourselves.

So here’s the final in my ‘One Dress’ series with models in Prague, this time with gorgeous doe-eyed Katerina. The challenge with this shoot was related to language barrier – which also added a fun element because my instruction was VERY action-based. Thankfully Katerina was particularly attentive and delivered exactly what I hoped. Gorgeous girl!

Photography, ME

Model, Katerina @ Czechoslovak Models

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