Meet Prague

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I don’t really know what I anticipated from my visit to Prague. I knew it was a very beautiful city – but I’ve been very spoilt in having afforded trips to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Rome, Florence, Nice, Bath, Antwerp, Dresden, Lausanne, St Moritz, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Munich, Istanbul… Could I really be blown away by another historic European city? Well it seems yes! Prague has rocketed right up the top of the list as one of my favourites, like taking a step back in time – I felt a little like I had stepped into the setting of  a Grimm’s fairy tale. There’s so much to explore in Prague and the food is great (I’d recommend trying the list of Ambiente restaurants, an assured win) and its very very cheap… though I might be a bit biased about that because I’ve been staying Stockholm where you can expect to pay about $18 AU (13 euros) for a glass of wine in a restaurant….

So I’m sorry these pictures are a bit low quality but they are actually snapped on my phone! And no details of my outfit because I bought a pair of nude sandals to wear with this dress and they broke – so I had to wear my animal print booties and the effect is a bit disjointed. I almost bought a new pair but that’s really such a waste. Better to walked around poorly styled than be a victim  of fashion right? I’ve got too many shoes already.

Hope you enjoy these scenes of Prague! Its really one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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