Ibiza Style

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Hailing back to a couple weeks ago, my trip to Ibiza with River Island, so I can feature this video – a styling ‘Masterclass’ alongside fellow bloggers and vloggers like Sandra (5inchandup), Angelic (Angelica Blick), Victoria (Victoria Tornegren), Tamara (The Glam and the Glitter), Sammi (The Beauty Crush), Linda (Linda Tol), Kenza (La Revue De Kenza) and Patricia (Patricia Bright). 

I started posting this with a slightly heavy heart because the patchwork denim jacket I’m wearing in the first shot? I thought I lost it – but a friend just text me to say I left it at her house – so all is well! Nothing like a good denim jacket – I’ve been very envious of Rebecca’s jacket (hers is also from RI, the Riri collection) and now I have one that’s got a similar silhouette all of my own. Plus its got fun little patches – will look great with my full white denim skirt. So 50’s I am!

Anywho – hope you like the video! Was so fun to make… is this really my job?? Feeling lucky.

Photo by Sandra

dress, River Island

jacket, River Island

shoes, Wittner

bag, Zara

sunglasses, Spektre