Written by: Zanita Whittington

Vera-10 Vera-9  Vera-6 Vera-4 Vera-3

Something fun – I’m blogging from the plane! Love flying Norwegian for that reason. So often when I’m flying I feel like time is being stolen from me because I can’t get any work done. I really wish all airlines would enable wifi functionality – makes life so much easier for business travellers.

Anyway – back to these images, which I actually shot all the way back in February for a project that Sandra had undertaken, a little perfume advertorial. One of the ways we bloggers make ends meet is through sponsored posts like these and its my favourite part of my role as a blogger, taking a brand or a product – and dreaming up your own creative vision, like a mini campaign. One day I hope to get the chance to shoot big campaigns for brands like Balenciaga and Givenchy – but for now – this is pretty freaking cool!

Thanks Sandra for having me on board for this project! We make a good team don’t you think? Now if only I could get my ass to London more often…

Creative direction and modelling, Sandra Hagelstam (Five Inch and up)

Photography and editing, Me!