Back to the Future

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I used to shoot models for test shoots every week – unpaid – just to learn my way around my camera, using different light conditions, understanding how to direct my subject and make them feel comfortable. All of these images were shot in natural light, usually styled from my own wardrobe and mostly without an assistant. You can see also – I was also pretty limited with the locations available  to me, mostly just shooting in nearby parks or on the street – my reflector being held up between my teeth and directed with my knee. It’s always best to keep it simple when you’re starting out – sometimes a gorgeous face is all you need, that connection in the eyes or that glimpse of emotion.

One of the reasons I’ve stopped doing these tests is that I’ve spent so much time overseas – and when I’ve contacted agencies here they’ve not replied or even given me the snub. Time to press a little harder! I do miss shooting with models because you can really get the exact aesthetic you want,  it’s their job to take direction. I can’t really ask bloggers to give emotion and pose the way I want too much because their job is really about being themselves.  When it comes to models I get very bossy! Anyway, hopefully one of these Swedish agencies will be a little more receptive this time… I just don’t like having to sell myself, its so awkward. “Don’t you know who I am!?” That’s incredibly embarrassing.

Look forward to sharing some more test shoots with you soon! And part II of this series coming tomorrow. 🙂