POL Clothing – Meet Sam Jones

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I recently undertook a project with POL clothing, doing flat lays for their newsletter – which was a load of fun! For those of you who don’t know, POL is an Australian brand, mastering effortless and functional separates and dresses, an authentic and unfussy style. I spoke to POL Clothing’s designer Sam Jones – about what it takes to start your own label, how to stay inspired and a whole load more.

The world of online retail is so crowded. What is it about the POL woman that makes stand apart?

As a brand we stand out in the crowded retail environment and therefore the online environment by staying true to what we want to say.  We have something to say in the fashion community and our purpose is to bring style integrity to every moment or a woman’s wardrobe.  By creating bold, accessible and premium quality fashion and knits. Our story behind the brand is authentic, we are not fast fashion, but instead, we want to bring style to the contemporary woman. Our designs are easy to wear, modern and with our unwavering focus on quality, we find that this is galvanising loyalty with our customerss.

Fashion is a tough industry to crack – what advice can you give to someone starting from the bottom?

Get as much experience as you can by learning as many sides of the industry as you can.  Work hard, stay true and be flexible.

What were some of the initial steps did you take in starting your own business? Did you always know this was what you wanted to do?

As I have been creating clothes since I was small, my own business was a natural progression.  When I started, I made sure I had all the right contacts, as much experience as I could gain, and drive and ambition also in abundance. Don’t be afraid of hard work.

How has the online market affected the way you do business and design clothes?

We can really cater to the online woman now by creating individual styles.  Clothes that photograph well and have something to say online can be completely different to bricks and mortar designing. This has been a huge learning curve for us.

Where do you find your inspiration for each coming season?

It really begins with intuition, we source fabrics from all over the globe, one will always stand out and inspire a collection. Other women are also influences, a strong and surprising woman will always inspire me.

What secrets can you share for staying up to date and understanding what’s right for the POL woman?

Listening,  The world is constantly evolving, with music, fashion, literature, interiors, art, cities.  Read alot, watch everything and absorb what is going on around you.  Then you can see what women are looking for in this unpredictable world.

Running your own business means work is often brought into the home – how do you keep a separation from work and relaxation? 

Weekends away, with no internet, no emails.  This is my sanity and sanctuary.

What’s next for POL?

We would really like to move into accessories and homewards. This is the next step for our contemporary woman.

Thanks so much to Sam Jones for taking part in this interview! There’s a wealth of knowledge to be learnt from successful women such as Sam and I know we can all gain a little bit from hearing about her talent and drive. Gotta stay in inspired and work hard!

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