Written by: Zanita Whittington

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You would think by now – I would have learnt to expect the unexpected. This time my trip to Ibiza went by too fast, a whirlwind of days that seemed to blend into one.  After a cancelled flight and an overnight stay in London – I’m a little setback in my work and I’m working manically on four deadlines today! But like many I work better under pressure – and there’s nothing a full jug of coffee can’t help you achieve!

I’m excited about the weekend because here in Stockholm its going to be Midsommar – meaning some crazy holiday where everybody drinks alot… seems like its going to be plenty like Christmas in Australia! And for those of you who haven’t cottoned on, Christmas is a summer holiday down under. Throw another prawn on the barbie!! Anyway, Midsommar is more about dancing around Maypoles and flowers in the hair and eating herring and drinking schnapps – which for me sounds very exotic. Horrendously disappointing though… the weather is going to be  complete  shit. Like 15C and rain. Company is 90 percent of the fun anyway right?

So this was some attire I wore to the most incredible restaurant experience of my life Lio in Ibiza town. Trust me – if you go to Ibiza and only do one thing – GO to this restaurant. It’s basically a high end meal with cabaret entertainment which is very engaging, like watching the ‘best of’ Britains Got Talent or American Idol except all the contestants could also win modelling contracts. This one absolutely gorgeous guy got up and sang Con Te Partirò (or in English, Time to Say Goodbye) originally sung by Andrea Bocelli – it brought me to tears, so beautifully sung and moving. So yeah, go to Lio if you have the chance – the performers are world class. Thanks so much River Island for taking us all there!

Photos by Tamara, Editing by me

dress, And Other Stories

shoes, Mode Collective

bag, Zara

sunglasses, Spektre