Blogger Portraits

Written by: Zanita Whittington

_Q6Y0005-resized Linda-Portrait

Feels like I haven’t really slept for days! It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve had yet – the most incredible hotels and experiences. Looking forward to sharing more pics and video – coming soon.

For now I have these three portraits of my bloggers friends Sammy, Victoria and Linda.

In case you don’t know, the very gorgeous Sammi is somewhat of a youtube celebrity – with some of her videos on her channel ‘thebeautycrush’ reaching up to a million views. I hadn’t really know of Sammy’s channel until i met her here in Ibiza – and once I caught up on a few of her videos, suddenly I feel like we’re close friends. Do yourself a favour and check some of them out – my favourite is this one where her boyfriend does her make-up, they are the cutest couple!

Victoria is one of the biggest fashion bloggers in Sweden, known for her monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic – and her gorgeous face! It was so great to finally meet Victoria, who is a genuinely sweet girl with a great sense of humour. I’m looking forward to hunting her down again in Stockholm to shoot her, she’s recently moved to the city from Umea in the North. The swedish bloggers are so hard working! Much inspiration. Victoria is part of the very popular network in Sweden – you can see her blog HERE.

Linda is a Dutch blogger friend who’ve I’ve known for some years, catching up on the international circuit over a couple seasons and watching her style evolve, she’s a real Streetstyle Icon! Always taking fun risks with colour and silhouette, Linda a real original. I love her signature cropped do – there’s so much versatility in a haircut like this and Linda really knows how to work it. She has recently relocated to Milan and is working with Italian Glamour magazine – living the dream! Check out her blog HERE 🙂

Hope you like my portraits! Look forward to sharing more from my trip to Ibiza. 🙂