Through The Lens

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Some little behind the scenes from yesterday’s shoot – and the reason for my trip to Belgium, working with french brand Pimkie on some special projects – both in front and behind the lens! Thanks so much to Dominique on the creative team for these iPad snaps of me in action. Look forward to sharing the results of our work in due time.

Having mixed feelings about flying back to Australia tomorrow – mostly because yesterday in Belgium was unseasonably warm, coupled with daylight savings kicking in gives the feeling that the warmer weather  has arrived in Europe and really, nothing compares to the summer here. We have great summers in Australia but I guess we are kinda spoilt for the sunshine so it’s not so special for people – whereas here in Europe, people are so damn happy for the sun! Making the most of every patch of grass and every outside seating – thats not to mention the daylight seems to go on forever. I just find it so lovely.

On the flip side, I’m headed back in time for MBFWA – time to get jet lagged and fancy! I really love Aussie Fashion Week, it’s like ‘fashion week with friends’ because I know everyone and Sydney is my town so I know exactly how to get around and what to do. Plus I do get to go to every show I want unlike the major seasons (still waiting for that elusive Chanel invite hey Karl?) and it feels like such a luxury. I’m proud of the Aussie designers and what they do, the market here in Australia is pretty small and being that we’re rocking the opposing season it means they have to design two collections if they want to branch into the Northern Hemisphere. It also means that designers have always needed commercial elements in their collections so to make profit and its interesting to see what each one does to current trends to make them really their own (the last seasons we’ve seen peplum in 20 different ways! haha). Interesting enough LA is one place we are able to send designs straight from Summer collections into their winter so its proven a unique market to tap. That’s why we see alot of LA based bloggers wearing Aussie brands! Represent.

It’s 6.30 am and I’ve been up for a couple hours on email, I had meant to try and get over the jet lag here but its seems pointless to fight it when I’m headed straight back tomorrow. Going to jump on a train at 8am back to Amsterdam and then a flight to Stockholm. The train is my favourite part – I know I mention it alot but I love travelling by train so much, I just find it so enjoyable. If only Stockholm wasn’t so far I’d catch the train the whole way – would gladly spend 10 hours rolling over the surface of the earth in a lovely train carriage. So soothing!

Time for breakfast 🙂 x

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