PFW that Was

Written by: Zanita Whittington

H&M-Life-9 H&M-Life-17 H&M-Life-4 H&M-Life-28

H&M-Life-16 H&M-Life-21

Sorry to say I’m just throwing up a few unposted shots from PFW (or are they? I can’t even remember) and heading in for an early night. Got a huge day of activities tomorrow which includes gathering paperwork from the depths of my storage unit so I can do my tax. So hellish. Tax is one of those things I find so stressful and tiring, even just the thought of it. So I don’t think of it… and I just put it off! Which isn’t a bright move. Someone recently told me – those tasks that stress you out most each day? Prioritise them. Get through it and then its gone, out of mind. Seems wise to make your life easier right? Then again. Fuck tax.

P.S. How cute is the pic of all the street style photographer gals in a line? Someone out there has a shot  with me in the line-up too. The male street style photographers out number the girls about 4 to 1 so I love this little show of solidarity. Girls sticking together! haha!