Long Lost!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-37e Outfit-37c Outfit-37d Outfit-37b

pics, Sophie Braland

Found these images on a long forgotten memory card that displayed an error and need to be saved from a recovery program. Snapped way back in August last year while staying Croatia to work on my Marcs Campaign, a pretty simple summery outfit making me pine for warmer climes.  So excited for the long European summer days ahead! As a photographer its such boon to be in Europe for the summer because you have so much more time to get things done in the natural light. Think of the content!!

Now I’m trying to think of more stuff to write here but I’m sitting on my bed in my hotel room and all I can think of is how damn starving I am and how much I really just want to go to sleep. It’s 8.20pm but I still have some jet lag, combatting it is really a progressive task and I’m in the final stages… pity I’m leaving again in 3 nights, back to Oz. Reset that clock again!

Patiently awaiting the arrival of Rebecca who’s due to knock on my hotel room door any minute – gotta get out for some dinner! I want a steak.

shirt, By Malene Birger

shorts, borrowed from my friend Sophie

shoes, Beau Coops

sunglasses, Nick Campbell

handbag, After the Apple