In Air

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Another post up whilst in transit – this time using wifi aboard an Emirates flight, that classic 24 hour journey (sometimes more) back to the land of Oz.  Pretty sad to leave Europe because the weather has been so gloriously sunny and the days are getting longer quick fast and in a hurry. No doubt I’ll be back before I know it!

Snapped these pics with the help of Rebecca during my trip to Belgium. Wish I had the chance to explore Brussels a little more because it really seems like a vibrant city – and I like Belgians. One surprising thing about Brussels though, most people are speaking french – whereas Antwerp, just an hour or so drive away, everyone speaks Dutch. It’s also unusual to hear Belgians speaking Dutch vs people from the Netherlands (like Rebecca) because it sounds so different. I’ll get in trouble for saying this but its much smoother to hear – they don’t have that guttural G sound. Love that diversity over such short distances in Europe.

I’ve applied for a working holiday visa and I’m currently awaiting approval, dying to settle somewhere for a while and excited for it to be somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere! Most looking forward to exploring Scotland and France this summer, with Edinburgh and Mont Saint Michel on my hit list. Now all I need is a blogger to come with me to help with projects! It’s so hard to pin my friends down these days – almost two years ago I was able to travel around Europe with Jess for three months, almost uninterrupted by work… couldn’t dream of that now! She’s one of the busiest girls I know. Crazy how so much can change with the fashion blogging industry over such a short space of time, things have really blown up, especially with the rise of social media which has totally change the way we all do business.

On a side-note, shortly after these pics were snapped I went to dinner with Rebecca and Tiany at Gazetta and the food was awesome – if you’re ever in Brussels, it’s a safe bet.

watch, Swarovski

bag, Emm Kuo

shoes, Nike Air Max 90’s 

jeans, Nobody

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trench, Joseph

ring and bracelet, Efva Attling