This is Stella!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Rebecca Laurey – editing, me

Hello! It’s me! Reporting from Stockholm but posting from Paris. I’m currently wearing a skeleton onesie so obviously not really suitable for blogging about anyway… or is it!? Maybe you should tell me! Haha! Well the surely the next best thing could be this Stella McCartney two piece tracksuit – something I wore with total confidence at PFW knowing I wasn’t exactly rocking the epitome of ‘Parisian Chic’ but rather an ensemble that felt totally right for me. A good outfit should represent personal style and maintain enough comfort you could still climb a tree in it… Right!? Stella for the win!

It’s a strange concept to dress up for Fashion Week. For an attending blogger, it becomes about sharing an aesthetic with those watching the fashion scene – and there’s truly so many watching! The most entertaining part for me is really shooting, seeing how my favourite style icons interpret and challenge trends – even creating some news ones themselves. I also love sharing some ideas of my own – I’ve always seen dressing as a kind of recipe, where you can follow a formula or you can add something unique and hope that it works. It’s also a big game of mix and match, I love throwing in vintage and cheaper pieces with the high end attire – or using some things I’ve had around for awhile. This coat for example – from H&M – and on repeat. As it should be!

coat, H&M

tracksuit, Stella McCartney

shoes, Air Max 90 Nikes from JD Sports

bag, Octabag

watch, Larsson & Jennings