The Animal and the Addiction

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Rebecca Laurey, editing, me

Damn it. Another blogging hiatus. I hate myself for letting it slip a few days! Jetlag seriously, I just feel like it constantly gets the better of me – and never gets easier to manage. It’s really only the journey to and from Australia thats a problem, practically flipping my sleeping pattern every time – and I’ll have done it 3 times in a month. Not cool. For now I’m on top of it – after a spate of nights up late with only 3-4 hours, last night I mastered 10 hours like a boss. Back on schedule! So now I’m sitting on my bed steadily climbing a mountain of tasks and emails, feels good to cross a few things off the list. Trouble is – I have an AWFUL habit of pulling up dozens of tasks at once and just half finishing them all. Like right now – writing up this blog post and suddenly I’m like “oh! Need to send those receipts!” and next I’m neck deep in emails and flitting from task to task. I blame social media – now days have the attention span of a gnat (that’s a flying bug, consider yourself informed) and get bored with anything that takes longer than half an hour. I socialise with a whole load of bloggers and pr types with my line of work – and we all seem to have the same horrible symptoms. For those who work in social media – its totally acceptable to be on your phone during meetings and lunches, to use it whenever you’re in the company of others… in other words, we’re all perpetuating our own addiction! And of course – its truly all part of the work we do to be using instagram, twitter, facebook, email, pinterest, blogger or a multitude of other platforms at all times – so there’s no escaping it! To make matters worse I just started a NEW instagram account, specifically for my photography. You can find it if you search for it but right now I’m not gonna link it till I get more pictures up on it.

So on this topic lately I’ve been really considering self-improvement. I think its really easy for bloggers and other creatives to get stuck in a ‘self-congratulatory’ mindset and forget to improve and adapt. I’ve had my own setbacks and have felt I’m in limbo at times – and I’ve decided to expect more of myself and look to role models (hello Beyonce!!) and my successful friends for guidance. I read recently on a life coaching blog that you should keep three essential friends – one older and more successful who you can learn from, one equal who you can exchange ideas with – and finally one below you who you can coach and will keep you energised. Seems like good advice right? We’re all capable of achieving more! So many setbacks we face are simply overcome with mental tenacity. I’ve recently re-made a commitment to exercise and good health (I quit drinking!) so that’s one area I know I can do well in because I’m totally in control of the outcome. I also really want to find more ways to give back, its good for the soul. For the hardest thing at the moment is keeping organised and on top of my multitude of tasks – so trying to use Evernote more and more.  What do you guys do to stay motivated? What kinds of things drive you to succeed and achieve more? What kinds of things inspire happiness in your life? Who are your role models? I would really love to hear your thoughts!!

So enough with the rant – this is obviously an outfit post, so let’s talk fashion. I’m obsessed with jumpsuit – which I was lucky to loan from Stella McCartney. Feels so freaking right and very Charlie’s Angels no? Wish I had the spare cash to drop on it – but I want lenses and airfares. I wore this on my last day in Paris for Fashion Week. Feels like years ago already!

coat, Ginger and Smart

jumpsuit, Stella McCartney

sunglasses, H&M

shoes, J Lindeberg

bag, Delvaux

earrings, Zimmerman/Maniamania