Shining Streets

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Presenting one of my looks from PFW – since being in Paris I’ve already flown back to Stockholm, to Lille (France) for a job and then to back to Stockholm today… then I’m there for a week, back to Sydney for a week, then it’s to Stockholm and Belgium and back to Sydney in time for Aussie Fashion week which starts on the 6th of April. Sounds exhausting right? Well it is. Am I allowed to say I’m feeling a little tired of travelling? Would kill to curl up somewhere with a cup of tea and a book somewhere, a bit of routine and regularity… maybe join a gym. I guess this is just a state of mind – no doubt I’ll jump on the train this afternoon with the French countryside rolling beneath me and thank every power that be for my life and all its incredible opportunities. One of the reasons I haven’t posted this past few days, needing just a bit of time to breath – just trying to keep on top of emails and juggling my schedule. I truly am lucky to have been able to really make something of a career out of my blog – but what about those days when you’re down, when you don’t feel like sharing or when you just have damn PMS?! One of my new years resolutions  was to write more and put a bit more personality into my prose – but who really wants to read… ‘I’ve had a fashion overload and now I feel sad!’ Kinda sounds likes someone has lost perspective no? Well I haven’t, I just need a few extra hours sleep, a couple hours extra in my day – maybe a few extra litres of water and some vitamins (or spirulina – that stuff is the shiz!) and I’ll be right as rain. Also – I miss my family!

Thanks for your patience with me! Love all of you for sticking around all these years xxxx

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