Checking In!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

The days again slipping by me – not only the past week but the entire year! As we race into spring (in Europe) I can’t believe how swiftly time goes past – or is this showing my age? When you’re younger time goes on forever and summers last a lifetime. Sometimes I really miss days past where I had fewer responsibilities – like with my modelling career (which seems so long ago!) where all I had to do was check in each day and make sure I ate well and kept my body in good shape, pose around a bit at a photoshoot and then leave it behind at the end of the day. I didn’t have people all over the world chasing me for email responses, I didn’t have deadlines, I didn’t have to write up pitches and come up with new ideas all the time, I didn’t spend hours and hours each day editing, I wasn’t expected to present stylish and well researched at events… and yet – I’ve come to learn that these things are the real privilege that comes with hard work and that taking on responsibilities are the stepping stones to the gratification that comes to with success. I once KNEW that it wasn’t worth trying so hard because it wouldn’t get me so far anyway and that what I had was already good enough. Now I know it’s those self imposed beliefs that prevent me from achieving real greatness, that the difference between me and those who I looked up to was just the ability to try harder and persevere through trials. So onwards and upwards! Exciting things to come… Particularly my birthday which is tomorrow 😉 hehe

pic by Rebecca Laurey in Paris

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jacket, Carin Wester

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