Winter Wonderland

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Pretty comfortable to say this is the worst video I’ve probably loaded onto my blog (an according to youtube stats, this is my best) yet I’m still throwing it up here. I love making the videos, so half of the reason I’ve put this one on my channel and am posting it is because my blog, though public and part of my career, will always be a bit of a diary. Even if I decide to give it up one day for whatever reason – I’ll always have it as a huge repository of thoughts and memories.

This video was supposed to be shot on a borrowed Go Pro video camera (that didn’t end up working) and my own SLR – but once I arrived in Sälen and got involved in the snowy sports and festivities I realised that lugging an expensive camera was going to hinder the experience. It also snowed a whole lot which put my equipment at risk of damp damage. So here we have a video shot entirely on an iphone 5. Some parts are worse than others, the bits of footage shot at night – and then some which were filmed portrait style and then cropped to fit. I could watch this a dozen times – so please excuse my self indulgence here as I share one of my few experiences with a whole load of snow and skiing. I couldn’t get enough.. even though I kinda suck at winter sports.


Music, Tomas Barfod – November Skies