Swing Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’m loving this skirt – its from ASOS and didn’t cost me much so I hope it lasts because it feels like a new classic – working the trans-seasonal looks!  Found this spot on a meeting run through Södermalm a couple days ago, with a beautiful foggy view over Stockholm. I initially thought it was the same spot that Andy was a couple weeks back – but it turns out mine is just better fence and worser view… You would kinda think i’m not warm enough in this attire but you would be amazed how much cashmere and shearling keeps out the chill. Investing in quality counts in the cold! Geeky puffy headphones keeping me both entertained and my ears warm, my vanity won’t allow me to wear a beanie when my hair is up because I look bald underneath.

Typing this post while sitting in long underwear, in a gorgeous chalet style apartment in Sälen, a ski resort town in the middle of Sweden. Tried my hand at skiing today and I’m completely useless – but in my defence my friends took me straight up to a medium difficulty slope and it scared the bejesus out of me. Would have been better to start off small! Tomorrow I hope to start on the kiddie slopes to get warmed up, fingers crossed I don’t carve a path through a posse of toddlers… and now as I’m sitting here I feel a rising soreness in my legs so maybe I won’t even be able to move tomorrow. Currently in the process of editing a video for Instagram of me falling on my face for your enjoyment. Maybe I’ll be more skilled when it comes to après-ski – I do love me some Irish Coffee and that tasty hot chocolate with that minty liqueur shizzle. I know I can be good at hitting that up!

Was gonna edit out that piece of rubbish in the fourth shot and then I thought, meh, maybe i’ll just shut my computer and watch some winter olympics instead. 😉 x

skirt, ASOS

boots, Zara

sweater, Equipment

reversible shearling coat, Enes 

belt, vintage

bag, Barbara Bonner

headphones, Audiotechnica