Royal Red

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Where does the time go? I feel like a moron missing so many days without posting – but as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to post when I’m tired and London Fashion Week was filled with catch up with friends and meetings and running between shows. Means I got loads of amazing content but my poor blog was left waiting… also my instagram! Sometimes when I’m busy looking through the lens of my beautiful Canon I forget that my insta deserves some attention too.

So I’m posting this from back in Stockholm, landed in late last night with another week here to go and then straight back into Paris. What to wear!! Arghh! Somehow I always manage to pull together pieces at the last minute. I’m a perennial ‘fluker’ – just like these images, which were snapped in a hurry and turned out lovely despite the boring background and the insane gale that was blowing me down the street. Got pretty lucky with the light. You can tell a little in the background of the beauty shots that the sun in out on the opposite side of the street therefore that building there is reflecting soft light onto my side creating and amazing wrap of light. The wind really did great things for my hair making it all ‘piecey’ and voluminous. Now that’s called serendipity!

I found this vintage trench coat in Stockholm at a place in Vasastan and I’m OBSESSED. All about the nineties shape and the bright clean hue – not to mention that it’s in perfect condition. Hoping to wear it as a dress in paris, without the collar which is actually clipped on with flimsy hairclips and snaffled from my red Acne coat from last winter season. Adore my new flats given to me by Jimmy Choo – I wanted to wear them everyday but as it is with patent shoes, you need to show some love and take the time to wear them in before you traipse around one of the biggest cities in the world all day. Blisters are not a girl’s best friend.

Can’t wait to share more of my fashion week content including loads of streetstyle.

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