Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Look at me go! It’s a bombardment of outfit posts. Can you tell I love dressing for winter? It’s the layering, if you really plan your wardrobe well theres so much room to mix and match and get creative. That’s why I’m super excited for the weekend to come, London Fashion Week… though I’m just checking the forecast now and according to one website we got the WW3 of weather coming. Great. At least its going to be warmer than Stockholm!

I’m really loving being in Europe, when I consider my travels here I get a rising feeling of excitement in my chest – its the romanticism, all the cities are just so beautiful, steeped in history and culture. Everywhere you go its super easy to find romantic locations and unlike many, I’m a fan of cloudy and moody lighting. I’m just supposed to be living here! Planning my visa when I get back to Australia in March and then its finally a finality, I’ll be alot more permanent… though you’ll be forgiven for thinking I’ve been that way already. Australians get 90 days every six months in Europe under the Schengen agreement and the last three 6 month periods I’ve used up almost every day available. I’ve even waited in countries like the UK and Croatia just to save some days out of the 90 and re-enter later when I need to. Does that make sense? Doesn’t really to me either. Australia is practically England in the desert anyway, we should be able to stay as long as we like! Boo!!  Shouldn’t be a problem to get a Working Holiday Visa though… the most terrifying part of it will be handing over my beaten up passport for a few weeks. I need that thing close to my heart at all times!! Travel addict for life. It’s expensive.  :S

Hope you all can appreciate my wearing a skirt today. I wear them fairly rarely on my blog and its always some of my most popular posts ever when I do. I resent that! Haha 😉 I have a question for you all though… in winter, do you have to wear black tights? I always find patterned and coloured tights so garish and hard to wear… I need some examples of how to do it well. Your help would be appreciated!

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