Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Quick post before jumping on the train and heading north to Sälen – on a ski trip with friends. Can’t wait! And a great distraction from NYFW which I am obviously not attending…

Here are a few of my instagram highlights from the last few months. Really want to try and throw one of these in my content more regularly because it adds to the story of my everyday life (with pretty filters yay!) and my whereabouts. Here we have pics from Esperance, Sydney and Stockholm (ive been here about a week now) and of course most of my images are just scenery and stuff I’ve eaten – sorry thats just what I like!

Strange thing about instagram is that there’s a fine line between an account thats personal and an account thats business and designed for mass appeal. I gotta say mine is a bit of both, obviously my blog is a business now – even though it’s all my creative ideas and style I’m still using it for my income so at some point you need to try a bit harder to make things bright and polished – my instagram account is the same. It’s a painting of my lifestyle but obviously I’m not posting pictures of myself sitting on the couch in the dark with my bed hair and skeleton onesies because thats just not what people like (trust me, I’ve tested this). So – your images need to bright and clear, with interesting detail. Also try and be consistent with the kind of filters you use. Even though I’m not so talented at employing this technique, most of the bloggers I know who are ‘good at instagram’ have a kind of connecting palate and theme when you look at the homepage of their accounts. For example – check Rebecca (muted, pastel – sometimes monochromatic) and Nicole (vibrant, colourful and clean). This all being said – instagram should be fun and your account should be true to yourself and not a copy of what others are doing. I think we’re all probably guilty of getting a little over-inspired when it comes to adopting particular formulas on this social medium. To be honest I think the most fun I have on insta is on my top secret private account (don’t go searching!) where I mostly put up pictures of cats and selfies with various animals I meet on my travels. Friends and family only! I don’t need all of you to know that I’m secretly a moron with a twisted sense of humour…. 🙂