Fluffy and White

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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It’s not really simple to take good pictures while it’s snowing. The cloud is so heavy and light is so flat, it’s not really very flattering when you’re standing out in the open and the falling snow makes it tricky to focus the lens. Still, you can’t deny the romanticism of the scene. I didn’t really pack much you might deem outfit worthy for Sälen, except this summery long dress from H&M which doubles as a feature piece in a winter ensemble.

I’m leaving Sälen this evening and I’m more than a little sad to go – its been a great distraction from missing out on the NYFW festivities. I’ve seen snow a few times in various places around the world… a tiny bit in Tokyo, some in Beijing and Shanghai, a load in NY last fashion week and then I’ve also visited ski fields in New Zealand and Australia – and yet nothing I’ve seen has ever compared to this. Mountains of snows!! Piled up as large as a house on the side of the road and metres of puffiness all around. I have friends here and have gratefully been loaned some ski gear – which has meant I’ve taken more than a few diving leaps into piles of fluffy snow, thrilled like a little kid, protected in my super warm suit. Snow is so beautiful and so much fun! I swear I’m built for the winter months, I’ve no problems with the cold and I love being cosy.

I’ve got a busy week ahead preparing for my sojourn to London for fashion week. I love London, having lived there for a few months while modelling I kinda know my way around fairly well and am pretty savvy when it comes to utilising the tube – it’s a city I really feel comfortable in. This time I’ve scored a great apartment through Airbnb thats close to the centre and museums so it’ll be a good respite to check some tourist destinations between shows. Can’t wait to get some real fashion on my blog too! Missing a bit of trend influence on  my site. Coming soon!!

jacket, Enes

dress, H&M

shirt, Cos

jeans, Lee

boots, Feit

beanie, I love Mr Mittens

watch, Larsson & Jennings