Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’ve been blogging since October 2008 – and what a ride it’s been. My site has been in constant evolution, those of you who’ve followed me for some time might remember a time where I barely post any pictures of myself, only model tests. For a while I didn’t really post at all – and then for some time I was posting from London during FW, whilst working as a model and represented by Models1. I’m pretty sure I was using my Nikon D60 at the time – but by some of these shots you’d be forgiven for thinking I was using a potato. Clearly NOT having aspirations of becoming a photographer here…

Damn I was thin! You can tell I was exercising a load in preparation for LFW, though throughout my career even with my stature I wasn’t ideal for catwalk because I’m quite broad and athletic compared to other models and I didn’t really fit the samples. Glad I don’t have to work that hard anymore. Life isn’t as fun.

So these pics, embarrassingly dark, blurry, horribly framed – are what I posted up on my blog the first time I attended LFW. I only booked about 5-6 shows, the hottest ticket being for Aussie designer Josh Goot, a highlight of my career. Also included, me posing with Alan Carr backstage, some casting outfits  and hanging with a friend/model and some horrendous hair and dark make-up look for some show I don’t remember.

Did you really need this? Well the weather was awful yesterday here in London and I couldn’t really shoot – so you got this instead.

Sincere apologies. 😉