Double Trouble

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Nico-&-Jaco-3 Nico-&-Jaco-2 boys

Oh yes thats right. Stylish, handsome boy fest is happening right here, right now. Starting out with gorgeous duo (no you’re not seeing double, that is in fact, MODEL TWINS) Jacobo and Nicolas Solis – who I discover through social media, bonding over a totally rational fear of the zombie apocalypse. These lads hail from Spain, now based in London and represented by Berta Models, I just love their dreamy, wide set and smiling eyes and perfect facial structure, not to forget mentioning their super cool haircuts. Wah! Someone book them for a Prada campaign!!  Was so delighted to run into these two outside the Topshop show. It’s always strange have buddies on social media and then meet in real life… you kinda never know what to expect. They are even more handsome in person, win for me and my camera 🙂

Also picture here a random posse of super stylish guys – kind of reminding me of a similar group of dudes I discovered in Paris last fashion week .