Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I always feel like a bit of a moron trying to describe the style and aesthetics of a fashion show, searching for the right words to describe things – it just doesn’t come out right! Clearly I’m not meant to be getting into high fashion journalism… but what I can say about the incredible Burberry fashion show is about the dream editorial I’ve love to create with the collection.  A story, set somewhere along the silk road in the middle of China, a beautiful Asian model couple and a vintage rolls royce stacked with trunks, old fashioned driving glasses and gloves. Maybe a few camels neatly propped in lines. Fashion stories don’t have to be realistic – its more about a high glamour idea, an exotic location and gorgeous faces. One day I’m going to become big enough and experienced enough to actually pull one of these ideas together – for now I’m content with my imagination and my gratitude to the Burberry team for extending me an invite to the show.

Hope you like my pics!