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Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Recently found another blogger/photographer imitating one of my editing techniques  and became pretty furious…. I mean, how dare they!?  On a moments (or an hour, am only human) reflection and I reconsidered my reaction – of course imitation is the highest form of flattery right? Then again , maybe take another step back and consider the famous quote –  “All my greatest thoughts were stolen by the ancients.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) –  Meaning, we are all learning and being inspired by our experiences past and present – and what really counts is being true to yourself and your own ideas, sharing what you’ve learnt and what you love, eyes focused on your own journey rather than of another. Subscribing to a philosophy like this means working with passion and conviction and even if what you do doesn’t inspire others – it can certainly give you the success that only comes with doing it for the love of the thing. That’s what blogging should be about. Recently I’ve heard much discussion about what makes a blog successful and I can’t really think of any better reason than individuality. Make sure that the only place you can find YOUR content, YOUR personality and YOUR ideas is right where you share them.

EDIT – Sorry I was a little unclear here, I didn’t mean to suggest that I had invented the technique – its really an old idea that I used in a fairly unique context – and what I additionally wanted to suggest by using that quote by RWE  was that almost all ideas were used somewhere in the past – thus my initial reaction needed to be considered. Whereever you get your inspiration, as long as you make it a part of your own creative fabric, make it part of your individuality – then you’re gonna love what you do. That’s what makes a good site interesting.

Anyway, this is the look I wore on my last day in London for Fashion Week. People would exclaim when they approached me “Wow that knit is huge!!”. That’s a compliment right? The bigger the better 🙂

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