Add Colour

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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A little heartbroken to have departed from the winter wonderland that was  Sälen but surprised upon my return to Stockholm, today reached a balmy 5 degrees! By way of comparison, it’s so much warmer that socks need not apply… Maybe I’m exaggerating here but still, It’s the warmest I’ve felt since arriving. Took the day for errands and some retail therapy and now I’m sitting on the couch, 8.40pm and I can feel my eyes burning – I want to sleep! I promised myself I wouldn’t be caught writing posts in a sleepy state because I can’t write much of interest. So for now perhaps I’ll post these pics – and if I’m feeling chipper in the morning after my email session I’ll fill in some more thoughts.

sweater, Sportmax

pants, COS

jacket, Enes

bag, Kenzo

earrings, Mania Mania x Zimmerman

shoes, Nike