That 70’s Show

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I have and always will love the 70’s style of dressing – trends aside – I just always feel right in that colourful style, bit of a flare here, alot of fun colour. These days I never feel like being super dressed up. When I arrive back in Europe next month I’ll be taking a leaf out of my girl  Camille’s book and surviving in sneakers. Mostly because that as a creative, sneakers are mean you’re here for business, to get things done- so glad they are trending! Who can honestly run errands in a pair of heels? Thats not healthy! So one of my news year’s resolutions is clearly related to efficiency and practicality. The real challenge will be about being stylish while doing so… I’d have to say 70-80 percent of the time I get dressed in the morning the result is most definitely not ‘blogworthy’, working out of my office means cosy tracks and tee’s… but I need content for my blog! Style it up Zanita!!

While on the topic of offices, I need a desk space to rent for two weeks in Stockholm next month – anyone got any leads? Would love your help!

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