Leaving on Jetplane

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I always vow to set up a load of posts before getting on a long haul flight (or two!) and fail to do so. The following days, drugged with jetlag, I’m never organised enough and I end up having a blog hiatus… This is 2014 however, and I really swear I’m turning over a new leaf. Loads of content! More stories! I know what content I would love to read from my fellow blogger friends so my goal is to create that. So here’s a new kind of post – an ‘inbetweener’. Settling in here, no glamorous edited images (would have been better taken with my camera but I’ve no time), just a couple blurry  iphone shots and a bit of an update. I’ve always liked these kind of posts from my friends so I figure I’ll give it a go too.

Anywho, back at the airport – my home away from home. This time my sojourn is driven by the international fashion weeks – which have been really tough to plan so far because jobs always get confirmed at the last moment. I THINK i’ll be doing just Milan and Paris – but I haven’t confirmed the work. I wish I could spill more details but I always think that by announcing something before it’s truly locked in you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Either way its photography gigs or just my own projects, some exciting some I hope! The fashion industry runs all things last minute – I suffered the same affliction as a working model – never knowing day to day let alone week to week. So now – off to Stockholm! A little R&R (and maybe a ski trip) before diving into the real fashion circus. I’ll always love the chaos, I think I was made for it. Moving constantly and living from a suitcase, adapting to new surrounds at every new arrival. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

Will keep you posted on the where and why, once I know!

Meanwhile, how nice is my new  MAC lipstick? A duty free treat for me – Diva, matte. Another new years resolution, wear more lipstick. Glam time!

Time to board!! x