Lazy Days

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I rarely have the fortune of being able to visit my parents (pictured!) as the town I grew up in is very isolated, a long flight from Sydney to Perth and then a 750km drive south east to the coast is always a mission costing precious time and money. That being said – I’ll never miss a Christmas if I can help it and this year was no exception. It was a real treasure to be in the loving presence of my family and have home cooked meals, daily walks on the beach with the family dog. ¬†Thanks Mum for snapping these pics, the wild and woolly conditions were not idea for decent hair shots but we managed these two. Not really an outfit I would usually bother to feature – mainly because I’m wearing my cosy First Base shorts that are slightly too big but being that I’ve only just returned from Sweden, they are the only summer appropriate ‘bottoms’ I have. Must get another shot of this Life with Bird leather jacket – so you can see what a great shape it is.

leather jacket, Life with Bird

shirt, Candidate (Candice Lake’s line for General Pants!)

shorts, First Base