Hemera… coming soon.

Written by: Zanita Whittington

A long while back (i’m talking maybe over a year) I held a casting at the beach for a special project, a swimwear/model feature. Time caught up with me and by the time I found the chance to edit the entire shoot I realise I had misplaced the files. I couldn’t find them for the life of me! I was absolutely positive I left them on my “Poseidon” hard drive but they weren’t there. Months later they I found them on a long forgotten small hard drive I thought I had wiped and transferred onto a different hard drive… anyway! I put off the editing because I needed days to do so – once I start something I need to sit through until completion. So finally I’ve gotten around to editing my favourite pics from the entire shoot (it was around 25-30 models). Trouble is I can’t remember the names of all the girls! Agencies are closed now so I’ll need to wait a couple days before I can place proper credits… for now, though I’m a little embarrassed at my story, I’m putting up this preview. It’s easily the largest editorial I’ve ever under taken. See the rest coming soon! Better late than never… 😉