50 Shades

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Outfit-53b Outfit-53c Outfit-53a Outfit-53d

Was supposed to write this up this post last night andautomate it for this morning but my sleepy brain is a terrible writer and makes so many typos and illegible sentences you might accuse me of being drunk, so it’s up at 5.30am tapping away in the dark like a dedicated little elf, getting my post done before my shoot which starts at 8am (more modelling!). This slouchy and easy outfit is the epitome of stylish comfort for me – something I aspire to when getting dressed each and every morning. The proportions are a little awkward, another something I’m a fan of – a quirky edge. My jeans are perhaps a new staple for me, having spotted them in Cheap Monday in Stockholm last month I’ve barely taken them off. They are super oversized and I gotta say that they perhaps work best because of my 181cm frame. Being so tall was hard to embrace growing up, I remember standing next to my highschool boyfriend and slouching and hunching over trying to reduce my stature (i was almost this height at 14 years old) and always buying baggy trousers to wear, self conscious of my skinny and very pale legs. The grass is always greener! Thankfully a modelling career (what else!?) pretty quickly helped me gain appreciation for my height and somehow I’ve also managed to gain alot of girlfriends who are roughly the same height (Jess, Rebecca, Andy…).

I would also love to add a detail about my beautiful new hand made leather slippers by Feit, an incredibly cool Australian brand with a conscience, each shoe designed with sustainable numbers and made from fine italian vegetable leather – start to finish by one master craftsman. Feit are a brand I really want to support so I’ll be sharing a bit more about their story soon on my blog!

Special thanks to Mira , one half of the talented duo behind Fellt’s newest addition, 365, for helping me snap these pics!

slippers, Feit

shirt, ASOS

jeans, Cheap Monday

bag, Kenzo

hat, Lack of Color