10 Things

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Pics, Jessie Bush (WeThePeople)

I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me. I’ve taken on a few modellings gigs which is a bit of a blast from the past for me, classic commercial gigs. I really do miss modelling, its pretty fun once you’ve got some experience and know how to adapt to each new team that you work with. This work ahead of me is partly from my new relationship with my photo agency, Mondo Digital – my agent mentioned that some clients had enquired to see if I was still working in front of the lens as a model, I thought, why not? So meanwhile I’m trying to create some good content for you, my dear readers… have you got  any ideas? For now I’m contributing this, 10 things you maybe don’t know about me!

1. I’m turning 28 on March 29 – therefore approaching 30 pretty soon! I’m excited about being in my 30’s because as I grow through my 20’s I’ve learnt more about myself and the person I want to be, your 20’s can be turbulent! 30 is really where it’s at. Working hard and growing into yourself. I’m ready!

2. I’m Australian, my parents were born here, as well as my Grandparents. I even have some ancestors who were convicts! I’m often asked if I have some Northern European/Scandinavian blood in me and the answer is No – I’m all British when you trace my lineage back on both side.

3. I’m a proud university dropout! Haha! Not to be confused with failing, I was studying Commerce at Curtin University in Western Australia when I realised that finance was not right for me. A tough choice, but one of the greatest I ever made because it lead me on the path to my modelling career which in turn helped me find photography.

4.Those who have been following me for some time will know this one – my blog is kind of the story of how I learnt to be a photographer. I gain alot of experience through modelling and seeing other photographers work – but for the rest, I’m self taught – in both photography and editing. It’s all about trial and error – you can see my first photoshoot with a model HERE.

5. I have one younger sister, her name is Chloe and we look nothing alike, she’s shorter and has dark hair… in fact probably the only similarity between us is that we both love to travel! Miss her loads.

6. I don’t do anything to my hair – EVER. My theory on styling it is,  wash it and comb it, let it dry and hope for the best. Sometimes I get a 50’s curl, an 80’s perm look or a 90’s blow dry… and then sometimes something in between. Roll the dice! All depends on the weather and the water I wash it in – and how recently I’ve had a haircut.

7. I’ve been blogging since October 2008. When I started my blog I never knew anyone else that was a blogger – and it was years before I really discovered more bloggers in Australia. I loved being part of the community when I first started, it was so much fun to be connecting with fellow fashion lovers around the world – really encouraging and friendly. Alot has changed! Now this is big business, something I’m also very grateful for. To make a living from your passion is a dream few can achieve, thanking my lucky stars every day! Here’s my first blog post EVER – snapped with a Sony CyberShot camera.

8. I used to be a sport addict, working out and playing sports was my life! I have done barely exercise in the last couple years and I’m truly starting to feel it on my body, a few aches and pains… I really need to hit up the pilates and the treadmill again! I’m pretty grateful to have been able to keep my weight down to a healthy size – which I attribute to listening to my body (not overeating) and having healthy diet principles – along with being very very busy!

9. I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog but just to repeat – I’m from a very small town in WA  – a very large and sparsely populated state of Australia. Though my town in on the coast, I grew up on a farm and have a big extended family of cereal crop and livestock farmers.  The apple has really fallen a long way from the tree here! The fashion industry is truly a long step from my upbringing but I’ll be forever grateful for my family and the grounding that growing up in such a place has lent me.

10. Finally – I’m gluten intolerant but always make attempts to prove that I’m not, resulting in stomach aches and complaints! Eating gluten free is so tricky when I’m travelling, I pretty much survive on a lazy girls diet of mozzarella and tomato, snow peas, prosciutto, boiled eggs, almonds and cappuccinos. Could be worse!

Hope you all find this interesting – and please if you have any tips on some content I can make for you this week I’d love to hear your ideas (remembering I’m a bit time poor!). Special thanks to talented fellow Aussie blogger Jessie Bush from We the People blog for the pics she snapped of me in NYC last September. Please check out her blog for some perfectly curated and beautiful shot streetstyle imagery.