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Written by: Zanita Whittington

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It’s been a really wild 2013 for me – and I can’t believe it’s actually drawing to a close. Its a great time to reflect – what made the year great and what things I can improve on – and where I want to be in the coming year. This year has been peppered with milestones – just enough to make the journey exciting and easy enough that I can still stop and smell the roses. So here’s the first of a few retrospective posts, starting out with my favourite, a summary of the editorials  I’ve snapped with my close blogger friends. Each has been an inspiration for me in their own way, with their passion for creativity and drive to succeed, I’m lucky to count having met and collaborated with everyone of them.

In order, NicoleCamille and CarolinaAimee JessNicoleRebecca Camille  – Martine Nicole Kristina – CarolinaAndy Sandra Kristina CamilleGalaSheaBethanyAlex JulesRebeccaKristina NicoleJessVanessa NicoleCarolinaRebecca Sania Angelica