This Is Paradise

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Esperance is an isolated place. It’s not really on the way to anywhere else besides the Nullarbor Plain and the town itself isn’t exactly a mecca for gourmets or high end tourism – but I can say with pretty profound assurance that this place has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pristine and wild and rugged, the locale counts 20-30 windswept beaches, with perfect white sand and azure blue water set against a rocky island backdrop, called the Recherché Archipelago. This particular beach is named Wharton Beach and it’s my favourite. You can see a more elevated (and unfiltered!) view from my instagram HERE. I spent many summer’s here as a kid, my family lived on a farm nearby. These images are from Boxing Day where I joined some friends and their families, drinking cider and wine and eating Christmas leftovers. It got up to 32 degrees so intermittent dashes into the cold water were a necessity! It made me feel so nostalgic, it’s really special to share such a beautiful place with only a few people local to the area. During the winter you could come here and virtually have the whole place to yourself (it’s a bit to cold to swim though, those southern ocean currents bring a chill all the way from Antartica) and you can drive along this beach for a km or so then over the hill onto the next one. So lucky to have grown up in a place like this! Unfortunately I will never move back to Esperance – I don’t think this little town could support enough business for a fashion photographer!