This Is First Base

Written by: Zanita Whittington

First-Base-1 First-Base-5 First-Base-12 First-Base-9 First-Base-13 First-Base-10 First-Base-4 First-Base-11 First-Base-8 First-Base-3 First-Base-6

Posting these images after a long three flight journey from Stockholm to Esperance (a casual 14,000km as the crow flies) and now resting up in bed feeling confused about the mass quantities of daylight I’m experiencing. In case you don’t already know, the effortless babe in these shots is  Rebecca (Raspberry & Rouge) and the handsome gent alongside is not a model but her very own high school sweetheart. Rebecca and Ralph recently (whats up with all the aliteration right now??) had the 10 year anniversary of being together and I have to say the pair of them make the most perfect couple! Congratulations to the pair of them for a decade together and here’s to many more!

Anyway – onto the reasoning behind our latest editorial – a collaboration with First Base – hot new Aussie basics brand with attitude and effortless cool.  My personal fave pieces are the track wear – cos who says you can’t look like a boss buying milk at the deli in your trackies? Thanks First Base for inviting Rebecca and I to collaborate in this showcase of the brand – it’s always an honour to share a personal vision, made even more special by the chance to work with one of my closest friends in her own home (with her true love!). Hope you enjoy the results of our work!