Sunset in Sweden

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Sunsets are always pretty magical when you’re paying attention – but when you fly into a city as the sunsets, you can see something truly special. I landed in Stockholm after a load of delays around 2.30pm and captured these pics (except the aerial shot) from the car ride home. It was the only proper snowfall during my whole month long stay in the city – I’m so unlucky! This time last year I know the place was buried in the fluffy white fabulousness.  The downside of being so far North during winter is obviously the extreme lack of daylight, arriving here around 2.30pm to the end of the daylight does feel a little sad – but its beautiful that the sunset seems to carry on for an hour or two.

Feels a bit strange to be posting these images of snow and darkness when I’m in the midst of summertime here in Australia – and tomorrow I’ll be posting my pictures from the beach! Guess I’m just damn lucky to have such a diverse range of locations at my disposal. Missing Stockholm though, you know you have a real affinity for a place when your experience is during the wettest and darkest time of the year and you still fall in love with it!