Sigtuna Song

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I didn’t expect to fall in love with Sigtuna. About an hour’s drive out of Stockholm, I ventured to this little gem of a town with a local friend and it blew me away with its charm and history. Sigtuna is actually the oldest town in Sweden, founded in 980.  The ruins pictured behind me in the first image  are of St Per’s Church, built in 1100. My imagination ran away from me as I wandered around, exploring the buildings and landmarks in the early-ish morning (it still seems like sunrise at 10am here!).

The mainstreet reminds me a little of villages in various scenes  of Hayao Miyazaki movies (I’ve seen them all!!), with the colourful facades and quaint old world charm. I really couldn’t get enough of it! Best of all the place was so quiet, certainly something to do with the below zero temps. It was really special to just stroll and really soak in the peace of the place on my walk… until Echo the dog got excited by the ducks. I love so much seeing the frost sparkling on the plants and the water in the beginnings of freezing – a sight I’ve actually never witnessed before. I know the Swedes will complain about it and I can’t blame them, the winter is dark and seemingly endless, but there really is something serene and beautiful about winter. The key is wearing the right clothing though – and thank goodness for my leather pants and gloves and shearling coat. Lifesavers! Also seat warmers in the car can be a real boon in the cold… unless you get chills on your ass and then the rising heat kinda feels like you’ve peed your pants!

beanie, I Love Mr Mittens

coat, Enes (reversible)

leather trousers, Rebecca Minkoff

bag, Kenzo

gumboots, Givenchy

gloves, Yvonne Kone