Grüss Gott!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Couple weeks back I was invited to Munich with German based shopping and fashion platform Stylight. I has been in Amsterdam tuesday night for work, flew back late to Stockholm – then woke early (5am) to head straight to the airport and fly to Munich. Needless to say I was pretty dazed when I arrived at the airport and saw Rebecca’s smiling face… had I accidentally flown back to Amsterdam? Turns out no, the team had just surprised me with Rebecca’s invitation – and she had kept it under wraps even though I had been at her place the day before! So cheeky! Here’s me thinking my ‘sayonara’ in Amsterdam to Rebecca was for a six week duration and the truth was that I was due to see her the very next day! I was totally duped and I loved it. Haha!

After being introduced to the Stylight team and the brand’s HQ we drove took a sunset drive to the Chriskindl tram for a ride along with a mug of hot Gluhwein and listen to German Christmas Carols before exploring the nearby markets. The following day we rose early to drive out the Bavarian countryside, to Lake Tegernsee for a day including a Horse and Sleigh ride in the snowy hillside villages (complete with a shot of warming schnapps!!) and a Bavarian feast of schnitzel, dumplings and spatzle. Such a great experience to see so much snow (I was expecting this in Stockholm!) and to share such fun activities with Rebecca, fellow Aussie blogger Chloe Ting and the Stylight team.

As for my outfit, dressing practically again in something I’ve already featured so nothing exciting here… just the warmest coat and pants I have! Also wearing my beanie sideways because the day before – Rebecca and I both got brand new cartilage piercings. Was too painful to wear the beanie overtop and the cold air really soothed the pain anyway!

beanie and scarf, I Love Mr Mittens

coat, Enes (reversible)

leather trousers, Rebecca Minkoff

bag, Kenzo

gumboots, Givenchy

gloves, Yvonne Kone