Cycle Town

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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pics, Rebecca

I actually thought I lost these images and gratefully I only rediscovered them on one of my smaller (forgotten) hard drives. So hard to stay organised when you’re travelling so much and have as much of a scatter brain as I do. These pics were snapped by Rebecca – and its so great to have a blogger friend at hand when you’re snapping outfit pics because I’m not so stressed to give direction. Usually I’ll enlist a nearby (non-internet-fashion-camera obsessed) buddy to help me snap a few ‘up downs’ and detail shots – but when I have someone like Rebecca I can concept and frame images – and also trying over and over again, taking time to get that special shot. I could never put someone who wasn’t accustomed to photography through that! I’ll also never get used to posing over and over on the street with just one person snapping me, I feel like such a fool!! But I want my blog to look great and there’s no time to feel sheepish.

jeans, Lee 

shirt, Maison Scotch (this is my favourite shirt of all time!!!)

trench, Ruby Sees All

shoes, Cos

headphones, AiAiAi