Blogger Collaboration


Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I’ve got a load of content left to post from the last couple weeks but I just had to edit these images of Angelica stat because I was so excited about them. She’s such a Rockstar! For those who don’t know Angelica, she’s one of Sweden’s biggest names in fashion blogging – and if you check her blog it’s not tough to see why. Posting up to three times a day, original, stylish content and high end editorial images – this girl is fierce and talented and one of the hardest working bloggers I’ve come across.

Chasing down Angelica wasn’t the easiest of task – she’s so busy and travelling all the time. I also contacted a number of well known Swedish bloggers (and a modelling agency!) who didn’t reply to my emails/facebook messages (booooo!) so I was grateful Angelica already knew of me, we first met last year at an event for Videofyme in Stockholm and then again at the MyWardrobe Style Summit in London. She’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever photographed, including models. Knows how to move so well (im guessing partly due to her experience as a dancer!) and takes direction comfortably. Can’t wait to hang out with Angelica again and get her in my lens – who knows what we could do next!

So you asked for it, some photography tips. I’m sure you can tell by now, I am a one woman show. Meaning, almost every blog post on my blog is shot and edited by me, with no assistants – other than my good pal – the sun. One of the great success factors about this shoot here is the lighting – as is in any good photoshoot. Knowing how to use the use to flatter your subject is paramount to the success of the final result so its key to understand how light affect the image and how it bounces around building and streets. When the light source is high, as in the shoot here, it can be ugly to have your subject in the direct sun as it creates dark shadows under the eyes. The most flattering light softly wraps around the face – so thats why I chose this location. Light was streaming in through the pillars, reflecting off the ground and bouncing up into the eyes ever so delicately. You need light coloured walls and ground to use this technique. Look around you next time you’re outside on the street and take note of the way light looks on different faces in different places. Windows, alleyways and even areas shaded with trees can provide natural soft boxes and are great to utilise for shooting. Though truly beautiful natural lighting comes in part with serendipity it’s important to be considered and tactical when it comes to using available lighting. Hope this helps some of you!

See Angelica‘s blog soon for outfit credits.