Stuff and Things

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’ve been in Stockholm for around 5 days and it feels like two. I love this city – but its the first time I’ve experienced being somewhere with such little daylight and its not simple to adjust. It feels like its always dusk and I have to resist the urge to go to bed around 6pm because it just feels like its right time… One thing I do love though, rugging up in the warmest coats and knits, drinking tea and settling in with a book, cosy winter meals and soon to come – the snow! I have been fortunate to have had 4 summer seasons in a row now – and theres something to be said for enjoying the cold seasons. I’ve missed it!

Now as for this post – I snapped these pics of a few items I’ve had lying around – or I’ve been carrying around. Would have included my Iphone in here but its really smashed up. I’m so clumsy. Also not pictured, about 50 screw up receipts and wrappers I usually have with at any given time. Don’t ever accuse me of being organised.

bag, Delvaux

sweets, Stolen from my friend Johan

candle, Ginger and Smart

sunglasses, RayBans

lipstick, (this is the red lipstick I always wear – Marilyn Monroe limited edition) MAC

mascara, Benefit

Ipad case, Marcs Clothing

ear phones, Lady Gaga for Beats by Dre

charger, Handbag Butler

purse, Delvaux