One season, two season

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Finally posting my first outfit post from Stockholm – tried to get this baby up last night but I was so damn tired after my second foray into ice skating ever that I couldn’t be inspired to write. One trying thing with being a blogger is having the energy to write well after a long day. So many posts I’ve had to press the ‘publish’ button whilst half asleep, no spell check and no inspiration. So now I’m trying to avoid that – and give a little more of myself in my writing.

I adore this outfit! How enormous is my beautiful knit!? The bigger the better!! It’s genuinely the most cosy and warm jumper you could ever know and there’s been nothing more blissful than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea in this beauty. Its even been warm enough to wear down the street in very cold weather here in Stockholm! Though… not for too long. If the wind picks up you’re definitely in need of a coat. I love dressing this way – nothing better than a good coat and knit – and leather mittens!! 

Can’t believe I’m halfway through my trip to Stockholm already! I don’t want to leave. Give me the darkness and the cold, I’m getting used to it and I love this city. Something about Northern Europe really sticks with me – can’t wait to reside here on a more permanent basis.

Meanwhile I’m slowly getting through those questions – thanks for dishing them out! You can see some of my answers and learn more about what life is like for me HERE on my Ask.fm. xx

knit, I love Mr Mittens

scarf, I love Mr Mittens

bag, Kenzo

booties,  Beau Coops

painted jeans, Lee

mittens, Yvonne Konne