Last Days of Summer

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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I snapped this outfit on my last day in Sydney last week  (or was it the week before?) and it was a really manic day. I had meetings, a shoot, had to pack up the final pieces of my apartment and clear out my office – then have all lose ends tied up so I could head to Stockholm for a whole month. My friend Sophie helped me snap these images and it was such a trial, not for Sophie’s photo skills – which are great – but for my own expressions, I look totally wired in all the images! Really stressed out. Thankfully having finally landed in Stockholm I’m starting to catch up on things steadily and unwind. A gym membership and episodes of dancing to cheesy pop music has been a great help in my quest to unwind.

Since I’m here in Stockholm taking time for myself I’m aiming to try and give a little more of myself in my blog – more of my experiences and passion. I’ve had a crazy few months with all the travel and fashion weeks and I’m feeling pretty uninspired…so time to fall in love with blogging and fashion again! I’ve also started an Ask.fm account so if you all have any questions for me – please ask away! HERE

Back to my outfit – wearing something colourful to lift my mood, bright pink skirt and this gorgeous silk tee gifted to me by the girls from Akin for Ginger and Smart – which I simply has to make the most of wearing whilst my manicure still matched the print. Good news is I’m catching up on relevant attire, I’ll be posting what I wore yesterday tomorrow. Cosy winter gear!! Finally.

shirt, Akin by Ginger and Smart

neon tweed skirt, Marcs Clothing

heels, Mode Collective

shopper, Rachael Ruddick

ring, Sally Skoufis

sunglasses, Ray Bans

earring, Sarah and Sebastian

watch, Larsson and Jennings

manicure, Miss Betty Rose