Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Perhaps you can’t tell from my blog at the moment but certainly from my instagram – I’m in Paris for fashion week – and thanking my lucky stars and Nordstrom for bringing me here. My outfit is quite unlike me, a little lady like chic – but my new found love for red lipstick and my close crop do makes it just feel so right. So I’m embracing an evolution of my own style – and thats not to say I won’t return to my quirky tomboy aesthetic either because just like somedays I feel like dressing up and then others I feel like dressing down, we should all have fun with style and a little duality.

Really want to share more of my Paris experience here but I’m time poor – and would prefer to share more when I post my Photo Diary pictures in the next day or two. So special thanks to Rebecca (http://raspberry-rouge.com) for helping snap these pics and loaning me her crepe (I’m sadly gluten intolerant) and being an all round fabulous fashion week accomplice. Paris! In awe of this city and its culture. Love being here.
I’m so grateful to have spent time in Paris, staying in this incredible apartment overlooking this location. Special thanks go to Wimdu for helping us find such a gem! To stay there was truly like a dream come true.

spotted blouse, Nordstrom

trench, Nordstrom

skirt, Zara

watch, Larsson and Jennings

bag, Delvaux

shoes, Karen Walker for Beau Coops