Maison Scotch x Zanita

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-8 Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-7 Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-5 Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-4 Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-3 Zanita-x-Maison-Scotch-Storyboard-2

Excited to present a collaboration with Amsterdam based brand Scotch & Soda – and their womens collection, Scotch Maison. I first got to really know the brand back in June – when I first visited Amsterdam to hang out with Rebecca. This was the first editorial I enlisted her help on – and it really signifies the proper start of our growing blogger co-conspirator friendship. I feel lucky to have had the chance to come to Amsterdam and work with Scotch and Soda, to check out the HQ and understand what really makes the brand and their team tick. Their offices are full of colour and people who are really inspired by what they do, a youthful energy and an aesthetic that’s really unique, citing influences from all over the globe. I’m a huge fan of the campaigns  – which have been shot by some of my favourite photographers including Aussie Benny Horne and Dutch Anne Mareike Drimmelen  and have starred models like Jessica Hart (whom I shot HERE) and Aline Weber.

So the  point of all this? Well the exciting news is – Scotch and Soda are bring Amsterdam Couture to  Aussie soil with an incredible new store  now open on Castlereagh St. I’m looking forward to seeing some of these cool pieces on Aussie streets, filling that high quality, casual cool gap in the Aussie high street market – fitting so neatly with the general laid-back style Australians gravitate towards.  So glad Scotch and Soda is finally here! If you’re in Sydney in November I hope you get the chance to check out what the brand is about – I’ve been into many of the other stores around Europe and the fit out looks like no other, kinda tiki chic and very fun.

Thanks so much Scotch and Soda for having me involved on this one!

Photography, Rebecca

Art direction, editing, modelling and styling – Me

All clothing – Maison Scotch