How to: Milano

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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The first time I came to Milan I wasn’t so crazy about the city. It was hot as hell and I couldn’t seem to find the right things to do or the right places to eat. First time in town and I simply didn’t do my research and wasn’t able to capitalise on what Milan really has to offer. To be honest – it wasn’t really that this time I was more prepared – I simply had a few people to guide me on a few extra places to go while in town. Milan was the city I was least looking forward to heading to for fashion week and by the end of my stay I knew it would be my absolute favourite.

Italians do simple food the best – a few basic ingredients of great quality and you’ve got a meal thats fit for a king. While in Australia I subsist of Asian food – but when in Europe – seeking out good Asian cuisine isn’t a simple task. Being gluten intolerant I have struggled in Italy to  score good meals to eat …Enter, the humble Caprese salad. Since learning of my profound passion for good Mozzarella last year while travelling in Italy with Jess I have been on a consistent quest for the finest cheese I can wrap my teeth around. The best spot for mozzerella in Milan is Obika – a balcony restaurant atop a shopping centre – where you can do a tasting of a variety of kinds of mozzarella with a view over the top of the Duomo. I devoured a tasting platter made for 4 people and then went home for a cheese coma. Worth every bite.

My second restaurant I’d like to recommend here is El Porteno, an Argentinean steak restaurant thats a little on the pricey side of things but worth every penny. This restaurant was the closest place to eat near my apartment and I hadn’t actually planned on eating here but Rebecca and I got home late from shows one night, around midnight, without having had the chance to score a meal. Walking past El Porteno I could see the place was totally jammed and of course, a restaurant filled at midnight has gotta be serving something pretty exciting. We scored a table for two and were treated to one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. I only wish I had more time in Milan so I could have gone again! So brilliant.

My final recommendation for Milan would be – use Airbnb. Each time I’ve stayed in a gorgeous apartment for a fraction of the price of a pokey hotel. It just makes so much more sense! Now that I’m a regular user of Airbnb I have a few good reviews under my belt and find it easier to get approved for nice places to stay. If you’re a traveller and don’t have an account then sign your ass up. All you need is a facebook profile. I would never be able to travel as often and as comfortably as I do without this site.

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